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We listen to what you need, what your pet needs and what is best for your pet. We realize that all pets are unique. Our services cater to when and where you need us to be there and we give special attention to the happiness and comfort of your pet.

Have you ever come home from work and your dog demands a walk as soon as you step through the door? You don't even get a chance to set your keys down! You and your dog might benefit from a mid-day walk around the block, so he's not overly excited when you walk through the door...

Or you may be out of town and your cat will need attention, play and feeding. We can make the whole process of "Well what about Princess? She can't go and we'll miss her!" much easier with pictures, texts and phone calls to ease your worries and share stories of their day.

All of our pets are special to us and we at Triangle Pet Care know that some pets are more happy staying home rather than being boarded while you must travel. Separation anxiety and noise from the other dogs when in a kennel, as well as having to wait for their turn to be let out to pottie, can last quite a while after they have returned home with you. If your special family members are in their own environment with a friendly and fun person who will come over to give them exercise and/or their walk, play with and feed them, the experience of your being away doesn't have to cause them panic and anxiety. We know your pet is special to you. Our goal is to keep every pet happy and safe. That's why our staff are Certified by the American Red Cross in Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR.

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Meet Loretta

Photo by Jesse Degraff Photography

Loretta has been working with animals in one fashion or another since 1993 and has experience with dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, and birds.

She is currently "mom" to two Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Taxi and Cessna and cat named Walter. She is also an aunt to Merlin (Lab/Australian Shepherd mix).

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