Sometimes we all have to travel and can’t take our precious pets with us. That leaves us with three options: 1) taking our pets to stay with friends/family, 2) boarding them in a kennel, or 3) having someone take care of them right at home. For some people option 1 works out great; the pets like to travel and the host is happy to have them. But not all pets like to travel to someone else’s house, and not everyone is flexible (or responsible) enough to handle caring for another’s pets. No one really wants to send their beloved pets to be put in a kennel or a crate surrounded by unfamiliar animals. And if someone is going to come to your house, shouldn’t they be bonded and insured so that you know that they are completely trustworthy (and the teenager next door won’t be hosting a party at your house)?

While you’re away from home, we want your pet(s) to have as normal of a routine as possible. If they’re at home, they’ve got their favorite spot, their food bowls, toys, and bed. If there are multiple pets they will not be separated. Walks and potty breaks will even be the same. For pets that get lonely if left alone overnight, one of our sitters can spend the night……snugglers can still get their snuggle on!  In addition to the benefits to your pets, your home will be checked on several times: lights turned on/off, trash taken out, plants watered, mail and newspapers brought in, and litter boxes/cages cleaned.

Triangle Pet Care understands that no one plan can fit everyone’s needs and will customize a plan to fit yours.

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Meet Loretta

Photo by Jesse Degraff Photography

Loretta has been working with animals in one fashion or another since 1993 and has experience with dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, and birds.

She is currently "mom" to two Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Taxi and Cessna and cat named Walter. She is also an aunt to Merlin (Lab/Australian Shepherd mix).

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